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Bitchin' Bitches.



My explanation for the earthquake today

Damn, that earthquake in the Bay Area last night woke me up like



My first #Earthquake

My house just twerked.

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Me at 3 am: Yes, sleeping in my nice bed is so peaceful and nice, so full of niceness, I love you California.
Tectonic plates: lol


Just a tiny collection of my twitter feed after an earthquake

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i don’t think brown eyes get enough love it’s always those blue and hazel fuckers that get the praise and attention. you’re too afraid to look me in the eyes and face the chocolate-y abyss. 

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The perfect cuddling couch.

That is not a couch. That is a nest, and I want one.

My idea of household heaven right here.

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when your next victim finally comes into the stall


This is fucked up. I’m crying.

aw no, dont cry. come sit down lets talk about it


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Hi Anna! I started a new school today and it felt really weird because everyone except me had at least one person they could hang with, and I've got so much anxiety over this because it doesn't feel like ill make any friends even though we are all gonna go in the same class for the next three years.. I'm not the most sociable person either because I've got such low self esteem :(

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Don’t feel weird. Someone will befriend you or you befriend someone else. My first day in high school as a freshman I sat down next to this black chick (she was terrifying) and had like 44DD’s and I said, “Hi” and she goes, “What you want” and I paused for a minute deciding if I should engage this woman who could probably kill me with her pinkie finger, and I looked her straight in the eye and said “I’d like you to possibly be friends?” She raise her hand up at me, and I like a duck like closed my eyes and waited for the beating I was going to endure and when nothing happened I opened my eyes to see her eating my fries. “I’m Diamond” and ever since that time we were bff’s throughout school.

She became a lesbian and asked me out.

The end.


Every time a new lesson is learned in math !

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